Training Aids

Training Aids.

We have a new and much improved wobble board as part of our training aids.  The wobble board has the same attributes as the original. Wobble boards build the dog’s confidence, co-ordination and balance.  In addition it is now more versatile and simpler to use. The introduction of the rocker bar helps dogs with soft tissue injuries.  Please consult your vet or canine physiotherapist before using a wobble board after an injury.  This piece of equipment is suitable for all ages of dogs.

The pivot block can now be slotted into a retainer. This retainer holds the block in position.  Holding the block in position takes less time and effort when the board is picked up.  This improvement now makes it easier to move the board and set up in different locations.

The wobble board comes complete with three different size pivot blocks.  Having three pivot blocks gives a greater choice of wobble.  It also comes with a rocker bar.  The rocker bar only allows the board to tilt in one direction. Wobbling in all directions can be too severe for a dog after a soft tissue injury.  It is also a perfect introduction to the see saw for young dogs starting agility.

Made from exterior grade plywood.  The bottom has also two coats of green stain.  Top is primed and finished with a slip resistant resin in your choice of colour.  Rocker bar and wooden parts of pivot blocks are also finished in green stain.
The size of the board is 22 inches (56 cm) by 36 inches (901 cm).

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