Starter Sets

Dog Agility Starter Sets.

Starter Sets include

1 Wing Jump Set : Comprising of four complete wing jumps.
These have KC and also UKA heights starting at 20cm rising in 5cm increments to 65cm.
Furthermore includes 8 treated feet, 4 painted poles and 8 plastic safety cups.

1×3 metre Tube Tunnel:
Made from a strong synthetic material, rugged and weatherproof.

Tunnel Fixing Kit:
Kit comprising of 4 x 275mm long galvanised steel pegs.  Two  slip lock nylon straps. Includes fixings for 1 x 3m tube tunnel.

In addition  Saddle bags can be used on areas where pegging is not available but at an extra cost.

Long jump with marker poles:

A four piece stacking long jump complete with 4 marker poles.

6 Push in weave poles with marker tape

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Showing all 2 results