Contact Equipment

Contact Equipment.

See-Saw, Dog Walk and very popular Contact Trainer.

Part of our contact equipment and also first introduced in 2006is the contact trainer. It has become our most popular piece of dog agility training equipment.
The contact trainer is  very similar to a small folding A Frame.

Exterior grade ply and soft wood are the materials used to make the Contact Trainer.   All wood also comes from Sustainable Forestry.  The base and legs are done in a durable acrylic paint system.  Ramps are finished with a specialist slip resistant coating which is also applied to paths and access ramps in Healthcare areas.

We have made it also very simple setting the contact trainer up.  Holding the contact trainer upright pull the two ramps apart, as you do this it exposes the support legs.  Legs are resting on ground when ramps are fully extended.  Located on both sides are the two stay bars, lower until the holes at the end of the stays until they line up with the pre-drilled holes on lower part of each leg.  Stays bars are bolted to the legs using the bolts located on side of ramps just below stay bars. Once  securely bolted the legs and stays together slightly spay the legs outwards to help stabilise ramps.

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