DK9 Sponsor Gemma’s boys

DK9 Sponsor Gemma Swan

We are happy to be able to sponsor Agility handler Gemma and her boys Harry and Tom.  Gemma is known as pink lady. Anybody who knows her will know why pink lady.


This person we have known for a while and are also so happy to be part of her continued success.  If you do not know Gemma just look for the lady in pink.  If you do not see her you are bound to hear her laughing!

Oli’s Little Halo Kid aka Harry Bo Bo

Age: 5
Breed: Jack Russell (just a little overgrown!)
Hobbies: Keeping the cat population under control in the garden also rearranging mums bed to my advantage
Outstanding features: I am quite possibly the largest Jack Russell out there (but am still very small for a large dog)
I am well known on the circuit for being very loud, always having a smile on face when in the ring and for always having a crazy lady in pink running round after me! (my mummy)

Highlights to date

2013 UKA Beginners steeplechase final
2014 2nd Pairs Olympia Novice Agility Stakes
2015 Discover Dogs ABC semi final
also 2015 UKA Dog Central challenge final
2015 Rescue Dog League finals winner
2016 Novice Olympia Semi finals
also 2016 ABC Olympia Quarter finals
and 2016 Novice Cup Quarter finals
2017 CRUFTS!


I am from Many tears Rescue, but went into a foster home. My foster mum was into agility and so took me to agility shows wearing a coat saying ‘I need a home’ which is where I met my new mummy. She didn’t pay much attention to me at first but when she was driving home she knew she wanted me really, so stopped and rang the rescue, I moved in a week later!
I have a lot of history and so in the early days had no trust in anyone.
My early agility lessons were spent doing one jump and then not allowing anyone near me, mum left in tears on many occasions but my school teacher would not let her give up, and look at me now! Lesley Olden has been my teacher throughout my career and supports me 100%, she is my groom at all the big events and is always proud of my mum and I.
No one ever dreamt that I would make it as far as I have, and I still have a lot more to give.


Gemma is very successful with her boys and is always on our stand drinking coffee!  We would not have it any other way.

The boys’ update and achievements in 2018


Crufts ABC winner 2017
Olympia ABC finalist 2017
Olympia Novice finalist 2014
He competes at grade 7 and will always be Gemma’s champion.


He desperately wants to be just like his big bro Harry hence he now barks ‘a lot’ through the weaves.
Currently competing at grade 5 and improving all the time.

We are really proud of the boys and suppose we must give Gemma recognition for all the hard work and patience shown with the boys.  Well done Gemma for another great year and good luck for keeping up with the boys in 2019 as you are another year older now!