Four Traditional Wing Jumps Set




Four Traditional  Wing Jumps Set

We would highly recommend this wing jump set for people just starting agility as these encourage the dog to jump the pole and also helps to reduce the chance of the dogs running out and running round the jump.

Our Wing Jump Set consists of four traditional styled wing jumps using top quality timber. All wood that makes contact with the ground is also pressure treated to ensure long life. Finished in gloss paint in a choice of two colours with a 1.27 metre, 40mm diameter painted plastic poles also in two colours, and a pair of safety cups. Adjustable pole heights for standard KC and UKA jump starting at 15cm rising in 5cm increments to 60cm.
Height 90cm width 55cm. Choice of colours.
If you do not see the colours required on drop down menu just contact us and we will try and oblige.

Wing Jump full description

Four traditional wing jumps in an assortment of colours are available which makes up our Wing Jump set.
Sustainable forestry using top quality timber.   All components are also glued and screwed together.  In addition, each jump is also finished using a three coat high gloss paint system which therefore also gives a rich gloss finish.
Four painted plastic poles in two colours also comes with this set, therefore one for each jump. Painted impact resistant uPVC makes our Jump Poles.  Sizes are 40mm diameter 1.270 metre long.
The set also comes with four pair of cups, one pair for each jump.   Unique plastic safety cups also designed to twist and break. Releasing the jump pole if a dog lands awkwardly on it.

If you return any broken cups to us we will be happy to replace them free of charge.  Replacement cups also have lifetime guarantee.
For easy storage detachable feet.  Made from pressure treated wood.

Delivery for Wing Jump Set: £40.00



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