Travel Agility Set

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Travel Agility Set

After customers requests we have put some items together to make a set.  This set is not heavy and can be taken to other areas with ease.  Set consists of 4 Folding jumps, 1.5 meter tube tunnel and also 6 push in weaves with marker tape.  All items can be packed in a holdall or wheeled trolley.

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Our very popular  set of four folding jumps in green and white.  A set of very economical and compact folding jumps.  Each stand is approximately 90cm high by 40cm wide when they are open.  They fold down to 90 cm by 10 cm.

These folding jumps also come complete with one 1 metre long, 32mm diameter jump pole for each jump.  Poles are under-coated and also glossed in a choice of colours therefore  giving a durable clean finish.

The KC set of folding jump stands being made from rot resistant treated timber. This gives years of use even when stored outside.  The folding jump stands are finished in a dark green to compliment the green and white jump pole.  Assembled using Zinc plated nuts and bolts.  Cup heights are set at 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm to comply with current Kennel Club agility regulations.

All components are adjustable for people who practise away from home.  Easily set up on level or sloping ground so a go anywhere jump.  These jumps are normally in stock but please check availability.  We have a link below so just click on “available now” icon.

We have now included a key to assist tightening wing nuts.  Please do not over-tighten wing nuts with key.


Our short compact tube tunnel is just 1.5mtrs in length and 60cm in diameter. Made from our normal tunnel material a strong synthetic material.  Therefore this makes it rugged and weatherproof.   In addition our supplier uses top quality materials.   This makes it a very versatile addition to any training kit. Perfect to practice and refine those all-important tunnel entries. It is also very light only weighing less than 4kg.  Available in only green with white tape and include webbing fixing loops down each side for securing with pegs (pegs not included).

This tunnel is also perfect for puppy foundation work giving young and nervous dog an easy stress free introduction to tunnels.


Spiked weaves are also very versatile when introducing young dogs to agility.  A cost effective way to start teaching weaves.  Without needing to invest in metal framed V Weaves.
We have also found that with our own dogs our spiked weaves were great to build up speed through the weaves.

Correct entry, speed and accuracy is needed at shows.
If a dog hits our push in weave at speed the weave poles will give whereas wooden weaves on a steel frame will not.
Therefore no give in wooden poles can of course deter a novice dog and also break the dog’s rhythm.

White PVC poles with galvanised steel spikes.  Excellent for long life. Size 2.5cm diameter length 75cm with the top sealed so not to allow rain entry into the weave pole.  Takes little effort to insert them into ground by having the galvanised spikes.  Setting up these weaves can be very quick. Use the marker tape for correct distance between the weaves. Price includes the marker tape.


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  1. Paula

    Fantastic friendly service.
    Well made, great garden set for limited space but still plenty of options for training/ entertainment.

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