6 Push In Spiked Weaves with marker tape

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Spiked Weaves 

Spiked weaves are very versatile when introducing young dogs to agility.  A cost effective way to start teaching weaves.  Without needing to invest in metal framed V Weaves.
We have found that with our own dogs our spiked weaves were great to build up speed through the weaves.

 Correct entry, speed and accuracy is needed at shows.
If a dog hits our push in weave at speed the weave poles will give whereas wooden weaves on a steel frame will not.
Therefore no give in wooden poles can of course deter a novice dog and also break the dog’s rhythm.

White PVC poles with galvanised steel spikes.  Excellent for long life. Size 2.5cm diam length 75cm with the top sealed so not to allow rain entry into the weave pole.  Takes little effort to insert them into ground by having the galvanised spikes.  Setting up these weaves can be very quick. Use the marker tape for correct distance between the weaves. Price includes the marker tape. Order two sets and we will provide you with a free marker tape jointing strip.  Means all twelve can also be placed the correct distance between each pole.

Available in multiples of six. The price also includes a six hole maker tape set at current Kennel Club spacing.

We feel these are also an ideal item to purchase at our trade stand to save delivery charges. We normally have sets at all our trade stands.  You can always contact us before the show to reserve a set for you.   Collect or at least pay for in the morning.

Delivery for Spiked Weaves: £15

Collection at a show to save delivery

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1 review for 6 Push In Spiked Weaves with marker tape

  1. Charon Harmston (verified owner)

    Great, portable, superbly made spiked weave poles – just what I was looking for!!

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