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Our Training See-Saw

Our training see-saw is two thirds full size (2.4 meters long and 30cm wide).  Furthermore it is fully adjustable from flat rocking movement to normal height.
With its unique adjustment feature special designed for young dogs makes this see-saw a must.  Also dogs that have lost their confidence on see-saws.
Made from exterior grade ply and finished with slip resistant resin.

Full description

This is a lightweight adjustable training see-saw. Specifically designed as a training aid which will build a young dogs confidence quickly and safely especially when first introduced to the see-saw or even an agility dog that have become nervous of see-saws.

See-saw is also hinged at the pivot on the base.  Allowing the base to open and adjust like an A Frame.  Wider the base is open the lower the pivot point  to the ground therefore will reduce the distance the see-saw will tilt.  Chain adjusts the height of the see-saw. Using each link will give up to 27 different height settings.  The base and each height setting will therefore alter the distance the see-saw will tilt.  The longer the chain the lower the see-saw tipping distance.

High gloss paint system is also used and applied to the sides and ends.  Base and underneath havs two coats of green stain.  Top is finished with a slip resistant resin.  Unlike the usual sand and paint our slip grip coating is an accepted and time tested external coating used for wheelchair access ramping in the Healthcare professionals. It is much lighter than rubber coating which therefore makes it easy for one person to move the adjustable see-saw.

Transportation and storage easy as  unclipable base.

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2 reviews for Training See-Saw

  1. Sally Silvers

    I am very impressed with the top quality of this see saw. it is very robust and the craftmanship is superb. I can have it on low height to introduce my younger dogs to the see saw and can raise the height as my dogs become more confident.
    The service I received from John & Sarah was timely and appropriate.
    I love this see saw and would shop here again.

  2. Terri

    Hi Nigel
    Just to let you know how delighted I am with the DK9 seesaw I purchased from you earlier this month. My young dog is gaining so much confidence on it, its just lovely to see.
    Thanks again for such a great product.
    Best wishes
    Terri and Tank 

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