Jump Stand Starter Set




Jump Stand Starter Set

Our Jump Stand Starter Set  consists of 4 Training Stands and a 3 metre Tube Tunnel also with Tunnel Fixing Kit in addition to a Long Jump with marker poles and 6 Push in Weaves with marker tape.

Jump Stand Starter Set  full description as below:-

1 Jump Stand Set: Comprising of four training stands.  These have Kennel Club and also UKA heights.  They start at 15cm and are rising in 5cm increments to 60cm.  This set includes: 8 treated feet and 4 painted poles also 8 plastic safety cups.

1×3 metre Tube Tunnel: Made from a strong synthetic material, rugged and weatherproof.

Tunnel Fixing Kit: Our tunnel fixings have been especially designed with dog safely in mind.
No steel frames or cradles for dogs to run into.
Furthermore no whiplash bungee to decapitate handlers. Kit comprising of 4 x 275mm long galvanised steel pegs. Two 2 slip lock nylon straps. This set includes fixings for 1 tube tunnel.

Long jump with marker poles: This is a four piece stacking long jump.  The front board is approximately 1 metre wide and 15cm high while rising in equal measures to a height of 30cm and a width of approximately 1.2 metres.
Finished in high gloss and also is complete with 4 marker poles.

6 Push in weave poles: White PVC poles with galvanised steel spikes. Size 2.5cm diam length 75cm.

Weave Marker Tape: Weave marker tape is made from 25mm wide green webbing with six 11mm brass coloured eyelets which are set at 60cm spacing therefore comply with Kennel Club regulations.
Ideal for push in weaves.  The marker tape allows you to set up the weaves in a straight line while with correct spacing with ease.

If you wish for 12 push in weaves just order an extra set of weaves and we will provide you with a free jointing strip for the marker tape.

We have found this Jump Stand Starter Set  very popular as it is a perfect introduction to agility.  This set is also a great training package.

Available in a choice of colours.

Delivery: £50.00 


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