Popular Two Piece Balance Set

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Popular Two Piece Balance Set

Balance Set consists of green Wobble Board and also 4 piece green and white Ladder.  Therefore both ideal pieces of equipment for Agility foundation training.  Set also compliment each other.  The wobble board first of all builds confidence allowing the dog to feel the board moving under its paws.  The ladder also builds confidence but most of all also teaches dogs hind end and also rear paw awareness.

Wobble Board

Our new and also much improved wobble board has the same attributes as the original, building the dog’s confidence, co-ordination and also balance but is now also more versatile and therefore also simple to use.
The pivot block can now be slotted into a retainer.  This holds the block in position even when the board is picked up or moved hence making it easier to set up.
The wobble board also comes complete with three different size pivot blocks giving greater choice of wobble.  It also comes with a rocker bar which allows the board to rock in any direction.  This is a relevant perfect introduction to the see saw.
Made from exterior plywood stained and finished with a slip resistant resin in your choice of colour, size 22 inches by 36 inches.

This wobble board is lightweight and for dogs only not children or adults.

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Versatile yet simple versatile training aid helping dogs of all sizes.  Teaches how to adjust and also control their hind legs when jumping.
The design is taken from the traditional Cavalletti.
The cross sections at each end of the ladder poles rotate independently allowing a range of working heights. Made from pressure treated timber and also high impact PVCu with zinc plated nuts and bolts. Main pole heights are 5” (125mm) 7” (175mm) and 9” (225mm). Pole length 39” (1.0 metre).
Ladder cross sections come in a dark green stain and the poles are green and white.
Comes in a set of four.

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We are very pleased to say our Balance Set is now very popular

Delivery for Balance Set £20.00

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2 reviews for Popular Two Piece Balance Set

  1. Charlotte Carling

    We recently placed an order with DK9 for some beginner agility equipment to use at our upcoming dog show and a balance set for our small animal hospital. They have been great, communicating with us every step of the way, right down to colour choices. They combined postage costs on some of the items that could pack together and saved us a bit extra! I can’t fault the service at all. We frequently have patients hospitalised with us following spinal injuries. We’ve been using our dk9 balance set as a part of our physio sessions to help dogs recovering from spinal surgery. Both the wobble board and the ladder help dogs with their awareness of their movements and build lost muscle tone. They can be built up gradually according to the dog’s ability and physiology. Megan is the first dog that we used our new equipment with. She has been having a great time and is making fantastic progress. We are hoping to see her walking unaided in the near future but will continue to use the balance set with her, at increasing levels of difficulty, as she improves.

  2. Paul Brady (verified owner)

    Ordered this to aid with rehabilitation of a leg injury so needed fast. Ordered Saturday arrived Tuesday. Was kept informed throughout the order. Great quality item the balance board with the 4 attachments will be superb as he gets better. Thanks

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